Choosing a Good Asphalt Paving Contractor


There are plenty of factors that can impact both the price and results of your asphalt paving project. But one thing remains the same: selecting the lowest bid is not the best choice all the time. Here are important considerations to make as you hire a certain paving contractor:

Sufficient Insurance Coverage

Just like many vehicle owners out there, contractors also tend to pick the least insurance that the law requires them, and that is dangerous for you as a homeowner. Pick a contractor that has above $500,000 insurance coverage for General and Auto Liability, as well as for Worker’s Compensation. Learn more about Pittsburgh parking lot paving,  go here.

Asphalt Grade

Asphalt is often recycled an indeterminate number of times. There are several grades of asphalt that come with varying percentages of recycled material used to make them.
Using low quality asphalt will show on the look of the asphalt pavement, as well as on the number of years it can last. Invest in top grade asphalt that has less recycled material to produce a more pleasant-looking and and durable outcome. Find out for further details on driveway paving Pittsburgh  right here.


It’s important to know the asphalt paving equipment normally used by the contractor you’re planning to hire. You don’t want delays because of machines that break down every now and then. On top of that, asphalt can cool rather fast. If you wait too long to install your asphalt, this can affect the appearance of the pavement when the job is completed. Well-maintained equipment is vital to any asphalt project’s outcome. Asphalt paving machines are far from cheap – more than $100,000 each – and that is because they offer technology and efficiency that is impossible without them.

Working Crew

Ask the contractor how many people they have on their crew. Typically, there should be 5-8, depending on how big job is. If they’re understaffed, this will not only compromise the overall results of your asphalt paving project, but it can also delay the project further.


Save for projects exceeding a worth of $10,000, you must not be required to pay a deposit to the contractor. Most professional asphalt pavers companies have credit lines with their regular suppliers. They should not be asking you for any deposits.

As they say, “you get what you pay for.” It surely helps to consider your asphalt paving project a long term investment. As long as it’s properly installed, your asphalt paving can last you longer than twenty years. You can probably save some money by choosing a low-quality contractor, but this can increase your long-term costs eventually. Always do your homework, asking questions that help you make an informed decision as you pick your asphalt contractor. This project won’t be cheap, so make sure you make a smart choice.